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Objavljeno: 22.2.2019

Present perfect tense

osnovna oblika:
I/you/we/they + have + past participle - ed
he/she/it + has + past participle - ed

Have + I/you/we/they + past participle - ed
Has + he/she/it + past participle - ed

I/you/we/they + have not + past participle - ed
He/she/it + has not + past participle - ed


osnovna oblika:
I have eaten Chinese food.
She has washed her hands.

HaveI eaten Chinese food?
Has she washed her hands?

I haven't eaten Chinese food.
She hasn't washed her hands.

Present perfect ponavadi uporabljamo ob besedah: lately, never, ever, for, since, recently, yet, ...

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When I arrived, Anthony with his Nintendo.

The train wasn't here it already.

Tara is exhausted. She already.

How long each other when they got married?

I didn't have much to eat at lunch because a lot at breakfast.

I long when the alarm went off.

She to speak English before she arrived in America.

Ram good French because he had been studying for several years.

Shakespeare would be famous even if he "To be or not to be..."

I from him for ten years when I received his last letter.

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